A harmony of fascinating contrast: soft, sandy volcanic beaches characterised by an intense reddish black colour; steep, precipitous, dominating cliffs and those unmistakable Grecian homes – these are some of the characteristic quirks of this island.

The rainbow of colours that makes the island stand out doesn’t stop here: if you are also a lover of the fabulous pastel colours that tint every sunset, then this place is for you.




The trips that take you to the highest points of the island are organised simply to allow people to greet the sun and lose themselves to the subtle, magical atmosphere that exists here – the perfect way to finish the day.

An island that seems as though it was born to celebrate love, with breathtaking views in front of which it is impossible not to feel exhilarated.

A sweet dream born, ironically, of the violent consequences of mother nature’s volcanic eruptions, that around 3,500 years ago forever changed the landscape of this slice of the Aegean Sea.

Oia, one of the most evocative towns on the island, is the perfect destination for couples: wandering through these whitewashed alleys will make an unforgettable experience, amongst the intense blue of the cupolas that can only be outshined by that of the magical sky.

Santorini is a gem nestled in the sea, that seems as though it is trying to transcend this world and rise up into the world of the gods: in Thera, you can find the “Road to Paradise”, a walk that can be done either on foot or on donkey that will take you up above the town and gift you with an unbeatable panoramic view.
How can you not be amazed at the crimson sands of the Red Beach and the crystalline waters that gently lap against it, that invite you to have a dip and let yourself be cradled by the soft tide.

A unique island, a star nestled in the heavenly Aegean. A holiday that promises all the passion and magic of the mythical Atlantis – that, according to many legends, is based upon the island of Santorini.


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