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Real estate scouting operations represent a significant part of Tayta Luxury Real Estate's business: the diligent property search activities carried out by each of its property finders embody one of the strengths of its organizational structure.

First and foremost, Tayta Luxury RE's property finders carefully listen to the purchasing needs expressed by their clients: from emotional desires to safeguarding personal assets, typical of individuals, to investment opportunities and strategic asset implementation, specific to corporate entities. Subsequently, they embrace the buyer's requirements and translate them into astute market investigations in the relevant market.


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The commitment invested in the analysis and in-depth research allows our property finders to identify a specific number of properties. However, after a careful selection process, only those that are suitable and meet the initial requirements will be presented to interested parties. Tayta Luxury RE's main goal is to fully satisfy the client's expectations, successfully completing any real estate screening assignment entrusted to our dedicated team. This includes luxury homes located in prime real estate, tourist, historical, and scenic areas (villas, historic residences, castles, farmhouses, etc.) as well as hospitality properties both in the domestic and international market (hotels, tourist resorts, vacation villages, campsites, etc.), and development of real estate projects for the hotel industry in general.

Spesso cercare una proprietà all’estero può essere alquanto complicato: Tayta, grazie alla sua conoscenza del settore immobiliare estero, è in grado di rispondere a ogni esigenza e richiesta rendendo l’intero processo di scelta e acquisto di un immobile all’estero il quanto più semplice e piacevole possibile.

Proprio grazie alle singole skills e all’esperienza di ogni membro del team riusciamo ad affiancare i nostri clienti nel modo migliore durante l’intero processo di scelta e acquisto della loro nuova residenza da sogno.

Ogni immobile da noi proposto è stato selezionato con cura in modo da garantire elevati standard di eccellenza.  Tayta, operante nel settore luxury Real Estate, offre un’accurata selezione di immobili di prestigio in località esclusive.


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