In the heaven of the Greek islands, if Paros is the star that shines the brightest then Antiparos is its little sister – but she is by no means less bright or less proud.

Thanks to the strong sense of belonging of its inhabitants, a safe haven and animated oasis is created on this famous gem of an island.

Antiparos street



A slow and sleepy rhythm that perfectly marries the lighthearted desires that are typical of a holiday with young children: the only rule here is to switch off and unwind.

Vivid, harmonious colours, and rural landscapes that alternate between little churches in the middle of fields and immaculate beaches.

The island offers about fifty kilometres of soft, golden sand, with crystalline waters where you can admire the day as it gradually passes into night.

Paros and Antiparos are two daughters of the same mother – one famous and sought-after, the other shy and reserved, yet by no means void of character.
Chora, the heart of the island, is made of little houses nestled together in shades of blue and white, embellished by coloured flowers that fill every balcony.

The most fascinating fresco that you will find is the marina, in which many tiny, coloured boats seem to stop time and the eternal movement of the sea.

The Kastro ruins, a Medieval Venetian castle, and the churches of Christos, Agios Antonios, Agios Ioannis e Agios Nikolaos are perfect for those who adore picturesque excursions whilst immersing themselves in historical books (without forgetting the Spileo Stalaktiton cave, which allows you to descend more than 400 stairs into the heart of the earth to witness the oldest stalactite in Europe, a work of art of mother nature made from 45,000 years of history.)

Welcome to Antiparos, where elegance and privacy go hand in hand with spectacular sunsets that will make you wish you could stop time.


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